Street Suite

Street Suite was founded with a vision to make stock market knowledge accessible and trading fun for newcomers and pros alike. Our flagship platform features intuitive tech tools like real-time stock alerts, newsfeeds, and analytical charts to help self-directed traders of all experience levels. But what sets us apart is our interactive gamified learning portal and global leaderboard. Through daily quizzes, simulated trades and engaging challenges, we turn the sometimes dry world of finance into an immersive game. Our platform tracks users’ portfolios and milestones so traders can benchmark their skills against global peers.

We aim to grow into one of the most popular destinations for both social and serious trading. Not a day goes by without new records set on our leaderboard by motivated users competing to improve their stock picking prowess. Meanwhile, our innovative educational games and simulations have helped thousands feel empowered enough to take their first steps investing in real markets. Ensuring clients are served with cutting-edge insights, community and utility remains our driving force. Whether passive learners or dedicated day traders, Leverage Trading is the social home for launching your portfolio into the limelight.