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Geek Labs Holdings is a privately held mergers and acquisitions firm focused on media and technology assets. Based in the United States, we specialize in identifying promising startup media brands and turning them into substantial businesses.
Using a unique buyer-and-builder approach, we acquire undervalued companies with strong audiences but untapped revenue potential. The firm brings its expertise in marketing, operations, and monetization to strengthen firms post-acquisition. Geek Labs deploys capital efficiently to optimize acquired properties for long-term, sustainable growth.
Unlike financial buyers seeking a short-term hold, we are a strategic acquirer committed to developing each brand to its fullest potential. We retain holdings long-term, integrating them into a portfolio of complementary media assets. Through ongoing support, resource sharing, and new strategic initiatives, we maximize synergies across our family of companies.
By cultivating communities and building enduring franchises, we envision a future where our portfolio leads their respective niches. Our goal is to establish a portfolio of industry-defining brands that deliver value for audiences, partners, and investors for years to come.

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